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How To Be An Artist

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

Or How My Inner Child Makes Me Her Puppet

She Always want to play...

I understand clearly the frustration of a toddler as they fling themselves onto the floor crying and rolling around with frustration. I've been there MOST days. Wanting to be free to create but tethered to the responsibility that often time comes when being an adult. I still have not found a balanced place or reconciled the fact that this may be my ongoing struggle.

"I don't normally negotiate with toddlers as they can be terrorists when trying to get their needs met. My inner child refuses to negotiate with me either!"

I have missed and been awaken from a sound sleep at an ungodly hour, typically the hour of the creatives, to paint or quilt or sketch or simply document an artistic moment to come. I've been likened to a bird seemingly flitting from place to place but trust that it's all purposeful flitting and flying. I ALWAYS want to make my art or write...but sometimes I have to rock the inner toddler to a level of comfort so we can play another day.

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