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I AM The Beautiful

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

All The Light You See Is Me

I considered all forms of light trying to turn them over in my hand. Hold them. Touch them. Make it something containable. I let go of that ideal and chose to embrace a new one. The light is not external. I AM the light I'm trying to hold onto. I can hold the warmth of the light in my hand, but it will never be mine to fully have. Light is meant to be shared. Now replace the word light with the word art.

"I have to see darkness to understand the value of my light"

We are alive & tethered to the universe.

How can we not be stars? And Moondust? And earth? And water? I choose to stand and acknowledge the light I am through the vehicle of creativity. Me in my making is the gift I give back to the universe. Lately while birthing this new creation of the artist in residence, I've been neglectful of my art practice. My heartbeat and pulse are dependent on my ability to create even if for myself. Going forward from today I plan to reclaim my own sacred space within and allow what is alive in my spirit to come forward as new artwork.

#Kottaveiinflux #KottaveInResidence #CreativePeace #BlackWomen #SacredSpace #IncubateGrowEvolve

If you believe in giving Black Women the space & time to create freely consider donating to their experience as artist in residence via: - Ko-fi ❤️ Where creators get support from fans through donations, memberships, and more!

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