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The Illusion of Time

No one talks about this vortex!

Some days I get swallowed who like Joan in the belly of the whale and all I can do is sit there waiting for that feeling of lostness to subside. How did I get here? WHERE did my time go? "Why is my 24 hours less than everyone else's?" That's when I acknowledge that I DON'T...Once I go to my 9-5, parent my children, complete household chores to keep the house standing and the occasional emergency my day has ceased being my own/

“If you are a Black Woman who is anything like me, you can't think about being free to do artmaking unless the whole world around you are settled first.”

How did I get this way? Why do I feel as if I need permission from life's chaos around me to go get making?

We learn from watching...

I remember the Black Women around me keeping impeccable homes, making homemade meals and cheering on the family around them. I've felt at times that is was my tradition to be in continuum of that even though the world has changed drastically. I have neglected my artistic self sometimes trying to still be Keisha homemaker. My freedom of time came the day I decided to leave the dishes in the sink, the clothes unfolded. take a creative mental health day, dream, daydream, sketch, write, paint & give that time to my creativity instead of my responsibility. I saw that the world will still be there when I returned to it so I happily fell into the vortex releasing any ideal of what I SHOULD be doing or how and gave myself over to a personal clock that gives me ample space to make art.

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