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What No One Tells You

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

Be an entrepreneur they said! It'll be fun they said!

I've heard more than a few people say "work for yourself so you don't have to answer to anyone else!" The truth is when you are an entrepreneur you don't have one boss. You have MANY!" Every client. Every order. Every business encounter demands your time and you must answer the call to be effective.

"The amount of work involved to get a business going is beyond any 9 to 5"

Maybe it's easier to just to choose someone's 9 to 5 but truthfully I'm not built like that. I want to create a better space & world for my creativity to grow up in. The requires me to leap over obstacles others would have tripped over!

All the things entrepreneurs may not tell you...

You will lose sleep

It may take a minute to profit

Your vision was not a conference call

You friends & family may not be your biggest supporters

It may be lonely

You may have to amend the original direction often

Some days you'll be the only one who believes in you

Your kids don't care you need to work. Neither does your grocery shopping, home maintenance, laundry not bill paying.

Every piece of your life wants it's due.

And these are just a FEW things!

So why do it at all? Why not take an easier road? For me as a Black Woman moving through the world, I still believe that there is the potential to make this world better beyond myself. The world does not end nor begin with me.

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