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Why Are All The People In Your Artwork Black?

Well for one, I'm Black AND a women!

I ALWAYS want to see me in the artwork I make! And if I don't see me, I want to see my melanated sisters... if the artwork requires a slash of blue on a yellow background, I can tell you which Black Woman inspired the abstraction.

“Black Women in my opinion are the archetype for every other woman.”

I'm not debating this or asking that you agree. It is just what I believe when looking at what manifests at the hands of a Black Woman.

Take up space unapologetically

My master's studies in art education centered around how Black women are portrayed in art and how they see themselves or not. Young Black women have often given up on the idea of embracing their creativity because the imagery portrayed of Black women is negative or simply nonexistent. There IS room for us to take up space visually loud expressing what is most important to us. It is important that we show what we want to see.

#Kottaveiinflux #KottaveInResidence #CreativePeace #BlackWomen #SacredSpace #IncubateGrowEvolve

If you believe in giving Black Women the space & time to create freely consider donating to their experience as artist in residence via: - Ko-fi ❤️ Where creators get support from fans through donations, memberships, and more!

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