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The Black Woman Tabernacle: She IS God

Below are the details for each card. You can select 14 cards then look at The Spread and

see what it says about love, or friend, or finances.


ACE My sensual nature is as if coffee, honey tea and all things sweet have been poured over anyone fortunate enough to have a sip. 
2 You are more than the vessel that holds your spirit. Allow yourself to expand beyond what you see into the magnitude of who you are.
3 Without saying a word, you are all the women who have ever been. Welcome to your eve gene.

4 Ignite. Take flight. Phoenix your way to a brand new you…and yes burn the bridges on the way out.
5 Be the living contradiction the world sees without care of them seeing. Most are truly blind.
6 The greatest equator is between your body and your mind. Let go of imaginary lines or at least blur them.
7 Be raw. Be real. Serve yourself up cold or hot but never be less than who you truly are.
Break if you must. Release parts of you that no longer serve you. You are still whole if you keep what matters to you.
9 Play and be moved by the whisper of your childhood. 
10 When you are squeezed be sour sometimes. Not everyone is worthy of your sweetness.
An offering of charms can invite unwanted advances. Decide what you want to show and only show that.
KNIGHT The girl inside you is longing to know the woman you’ve become. Let her in and remember.
QUEEN You are every bit of what they say you are and so many things they can’t imagine. Small minds see small way. Open minds see clearly.
KING Of all the things you’ve done well, transformation is the most shocking. 


ACE Be fluid. Allow yourself to be lead like the tides under a full moon. Release all that is not uncontained water.
2 Suspended by my own limitations of the mind. Let go and the binding becomes the swing and you can float freely.
3 Be wrapped in knowledge that any controlling factors in your life need only be released in your mind. Even when the body is contained the mind is free.
4 Amongst the stars you are the brightest in the universe. Nothing can dim what is the forever shine of stardust. 
5 Wrap yourself in the warmth of yourself. Looking for the sun outside of yourself only allows you to live in darkness. You are what you seek.
6 Beautiful you are! Light, airy, free flowing and ready to embrace freedom. Be lead by where the wind blows you.
7 Swim in both aspects of your free flowing nature and your grounded self. They work together in levitation and meditation.
8 The warrior in you is activated. There is no question that you protect all worth protecting. Allow yourself be protected as well.
9 You’ve tried to hold and balance too much. Bend so that you don’t break. Use your strength as a catalyst to let go.
10 When the world gives no f*cks about you…give it back to the world. Every storm does not belong to you.
PAGE Go inside. Give to yourself the same level and quality of you that you give away to everyone else around you. They will adjust.
KNIGHT Don’t follow paths carved out by others. Make your own pathways even when they seem to conflict with what is already built.
QUEEN With ease I am the I am. Rest in me.
KING Of all the galaxies unknown, you are the most unacknowledged. Trust in your wisdom even when others disregard it. 


ACE Flutter and float in the knowledge that all you desire is already at your fingertips. All you need do is manifest it then allow it to incubate.
2 You are rich soil, clear water and fresh air and all life flows from you. Follow the fire in your eye and let yourself nourished by everything that comes through you.
3 All the pieces of who you are intertwined creating the fibers of you. All of the muses are you and robustly inspire you.
4 Goddesses and you have been keeping time since there has been time. Work at a pace that allows you to be in the continuum of progress.
5 Intergalactic yet earthy creations are all yours to claim. Find a way to make technology and nature be friends because you invented them both.
6 The roots inform the branches of what can grow here. This is the first form of communication and you need to reconnect to that source.
7 Scorpions whip their tails for attention to mate. You whip your hair in the same manner so sting as necessary. 
8 You penetrate souls just by being golden. Keep doing it until you have collected all that has been stolen from you.
9 Even in your freeness you’ve not allowed anyone in. You hold onto thorns that are no longer yours. Let them go!
10 You levitate above it all. Who you choose to be cannot be taken by another person if you don’t allow it. Hold tightly to you.
PAGE Stand firm in the belief of your ancestors who walk with you. They lived so that you could live. Don’t let the gift of the ancestors die on the vine from your lack of tending.
KNIGHT Quiet as a whisper can stand loudly as position if you are strong in your stance. Be soft but hold firmly.
QUEEN Your assets are more than you ass-ets. Countries and men have been moved by all the knowledge you possess. As the original woman anything and everything you plant grows. Be mindful of your seeds.
KING Nature’s crown is just in front of you if you look to nature and acknowledge the dust that our bodies are. We are dirt in full bloom.


ACE The duality of giving birth to oneself while incubating the universe gives you more power than you believe. Trust that all you desire is already yours.
2 Mathematically you are a mirror of your best self and a perfect continuum. You are grounded in all physical aspects of life and will continue to be a solid anchor for our hopes made manifest.
3 Lean into the most sacred part of you. Look into your own eyes and watch how fast things change for your good. Activate your sacral chakra and be renewed.
4 You are sharper than a blade and cut deeper than the ocean or the penetrating sun. Be careful of who you point your sharpness at least you cut yourself or someone you love.
5 Shake loose all of the color inside of your spirit. Be free to keep some of you for yourself but let some of your brightness show itself in unexpected moments.
6 The cycles of the moon rises and you create a soft light where the is none. Be a beacon and a spark in the darkness of the night sky daily.
7 You are the first woman and melanin is your birthright. Moving through the world you will be envies for your most valuable resource until you learn to own it fully.
8 Even when your hands are bound, your electric energy ignites giving wings to every thought, prayer, word and deed. Be enigmatic anyway!
9 Not only do you give birth to all life, you constantly give birth to yourself as you are reborn daily shedding the old making room for the new. 
10 Be ready to sacrifice yourself as you are now for what you are becoming. The moment of painful growth is well worth the bloom.
PAGE Nature has called you to bear witness to who she is. Honor her as if you are honoring yourself because you are one and the same.
KNIGHT Ideas come and go. Document and write your name in the book of being so that more can come. Every thought has a potential to be what is needed next.
QUEEN You do not need your eyes to see into places your spirit knows. Be not blinded by what is in front of you. What you see is exactly what you see.
KING You’re reeling and spinning changing the axis on which your life spins. Let the vortex of uncertainty freely whisk you away to where you will be next.


THE TOWER You give access to the top to so many. Give yourself the same support to move forward, up, sideways if necessary. 
THE FOOL If you drown in a teaspoon of life they will say you jumped in the water. Be wary of giving access to everyone around you.
TEMPERANCE Calm is a gift many never opened. Relax in your peaceful ways and allow that energy to permeate the spaces around you.
THE HERMIT It’s good to unplug sometimes. Close out the world and recover yourself. 
WHEEL OF FORTUNE How lucky is the person given room to experience your charms and wit. They suckle the breast of opportunity unsure of where they may land. 
THE HANGED MAN She who bleeds every month and does not die but brings forth life is powerful in this sovereignty. 
THE MAGICIAN A siren wooing any willingly to her ways. You will enjoy it.
THE EMPRESS The simplicity of the single fruit gives no indication of the depth of flavor.
THE EMPORER The simplicity of the single fruit gives no indication of the lack of flavor. 
STRENGTH We know how to fight but can we lay out weapons down in lew of peace?
THE CHARIOT Cold fires burn in wheels that never turn. Don’t let your best ideas die without being realized.
THE HIEROPHANT Sacred vessel carrying a sacred bowl holding the meaning of life. Don’t spill it.
THE LOVERS What if the most sacred, intimate love is to be held in the highest regard for ourselves? Only give a piece of you. Never all of it.
JUSTICE Who said anything is fair. Weigh your choices and know that you hold the key to your own becoming.
DEATH Say nothing. Do nothing. Become nothing. This is the sure way not to live. Stare down life and vibrantly live it!
THE DEVIL Spun webs of lies and deceit entangle you. Do not get caught in the web nor weave webs of your own.
JUDGEMENT Revel in opinions projected on you then hold up the mirror for the judger to see what they lack in themselves. 
STAR Your multiplicity has askers wishing on you and while you deny no request, you fail to fulfill some fully. No is a complete sentence. Be clear.
MOON Full and robust always asking to be seen…keep asking to be seen especially by those who deny your existence.
SUN It is always wise to shine brightly especially in the presence of darkness. They cannot occupy the same space.
THE HIGH PRIESTESS Damballah seeking to control is never controlled. Allow yourself to be lead by something beyond you.
WORLD What we touch is everything and nothing. We are everything and nothing. Things hold value because we give it value.

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